Winnaars 2014


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2014 AWARD WINNERS     (listed alphabetically by country)

Category 1 – Conservation

Horta Museum, Brussels, BELGIUM
Home for Cooperation: Educational Centre in the Buffer Zone of Nicosia, CYPRUS
Biblioteca Bardensis, Barth, GERMANY
Basilica Palladiana, Vicenza, ITALY
Teatro Sociale, Bergamo, ITALY
Walser Houses: Preservation of Vernacular Architecture in Alagna Valsesia, ITALY Grand Prix
Hovelsrud Villa, Helgøya Island, Nes på Hedmarken, NORWAY
Historical Route of the Lines of Torres Vedras, Lisbon, PORTUGAL
Dragomirna Church’s 17th Century Frescoes, Suceava, ROMANIA Grand Prix, Public Choice Award
Cooperative Wineries Programme, Catalonia, SPAIN Grand Prix
Historical Landscape of El Sénia’s Ancient Olive Trees, SPAIN
Roman Bridge, Gate of the Bridge, Calahorra Tower and Surrounding Areas, Cordoba, SPAIN
Abbotsford: The Home of Sir Walter Scott, Melrose, UNITED KINGDOM

Category 2 – Research

Roman Vaulted Construction in the Peloponnese, GREECE Grand Prix
Transylvanian Castle Gardens, Budapest, HUNGARY
Van Dyck in Spain, Madrid, SPAIN

Category 3 – Dedicated Service

Gustav Klimt Memorial Society, Vienna, AUSTRIA
Kempens Landscape Association, Putte, BELGIUM Grand Prix
Iubilantes Association, Como, ITALY

Category 4 – Education, Training and Awareness-Raising

Cultural Heritage without Borders’ Regional Restoration Camps, Tirana, ALBANIA
Passage: From a Rusty City to a New Miskolc, HUNGARY Grand Prix
The Coen Case, Hoorn, THE NETHERLANDS
‘Encounters with Heritage’ Radio Programme, Lisbon, PORTUGAL
Shaping 24: Promoting Heritage in Norwich and Ghent, UNITED KINGDOM and BELGIUM

A Europa Nostra Award is also presented to projects from two European countries not taking part in the EU Culture Programme (2007-13):

Conservation – Agate Rooms in Pushkin, St. Petersburg, RUSSIA
Conservation – Belle Époque Steamers on Lake Geneva, Lausanne, SWITZERLAND
Research – Church Architecture of the 7th Century in South Caucasus, Moscow, RUSSIA